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Kate Middleton's Title

Duchess, Princess William of Wales or Princess Catherine?

Upon marriage, "Princess Kate's" title will depend on the title which is bestowed upon William. William will most likely receive a dukedom. This means that Kate will most likely come to be known officially as "Her Royal Highness The Duchess of (Windsor, Clarence, Cambridge, Sussex, Kendal, Avondale or Strathearn)".

If Prince William chooses not to accept a dukedom, Kate Middleton will simply be known as "Her Royal Highness Princesse William of Wales". Or Princess William.

Things could go a third way however, if the Queen chooses to follow a precedent which she had earlier set forth in 1957 when she accorded her husband Prince Philip "the style and title of a Prince of the United Kingdon". The Queen could make Kate Middleton a "Princess of the United Kingdom". If this were to happen Kate would be known as "Her Royal Highness Princess Catherine".